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ShortScape Film Festival is a celebration of the developing Scottish film and video industry. This short film festival aims to provide an alternative platform to showcase the works of local students, recent graduates and independent creatives, and to encourage inclusivity, cooperation and development of new ideas in the field of media production.


The 2nd edition of ShortScape Film Festival will take place 21-23 September 2023 in Leith Arches, Edinburgh. 



We mean to build bridges and connect different Universities and local filmmaking communities. That is why we want to take the event outside of University buildings. In fact, take it out of cinemas. Our goal is to occupy a unique urban place, a ‘neutral’ ground to encourage others to join us. 


We believe in integration and cooperation, that’s why we showcase not only Scottish short films but also local artists and musicians. 


ShortScape is not a competition, it’s a celebration of talent and community. 




Elzė  Vozbinaitė


Jagoda Tłok

Festival Producer

Festival Director

Based between the UK and Lithuania, Elzė is the founder and director of ShortScape. She is currently a student in Screen Academy Scotland's film programme, working in HETV drama as well as many different projects (films, music videos) as a director, assistant director and writing scripts for her upcoming films. 

Jagoda is the Festival Producer and a recent Film graduate from Edinburgh Napier University. She is a writer, director and a festival-maker with experience working in coordinator roles for IFF Ale Kino! and as an Industry Coordinator for Edinburgh International Film Festival.


Monika Navickaitė

Juno Glover

Lucas Melian

Festival Programmer

Festival Programmer

Festival Programmer

Monika Navickaitė is an award-winning Lithuanian film writer-director and film critic, currently also working in the Curatorial, Media and Communication sectors within the creative industries in Scotland.

Juno is a 4th year film student at Edinburgh Napier University. They specialise in production design and writing. Juno was a young programmer at Edinburgh International Film Festival from 2017 until 2019, where they ran workshops, panels, and helped programme films.

Lucas Melián is an Edinburgh-based filmmaker from the Canary Islands. He currently undertakes studies in Social & Cultural Anthropology to expand the breadth of issues informing his work in hybrid documentary and experimental fiction. As a programmer, Lucas is dedicated to promoting and celebrating local emerging film talent.


Coleen Brennan

Marketing Manager

Coleen is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for ShortScape, and a recent Film graduate from Edinburgh Napier University. She specialises in Documentary Directing and Editing, with a focus on stories of People and Culture. Her goal with ShortScape is to raise awareness and make sure that as many people as possible get involved with our exciting project! 

000027 2.jpg

Laurie Corewyn


Content Creator

Content Creator

Laura is a content creator for ShortScape, and a recent Film graduate from Edinburgh Napier University. Her specialisms are Production Design and Sound. As part of the ShortScape team, she wants to help create a space for young creatives where they can share and celebrate their work.

Laurie is a content creator for ShortScape Film Festival. She recently graduated from Edinburgh Napier University where she specialised in Cinematography on fiction and documentary projects. Laurie is excited for the opportunity provided by ShortScape to discover developing filmmaking talent in Scotland and meet like-minded creatives. 

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You will be eligible for selection if:

1. You are submitting a short film (up to 25 minutes).
2. Main creative team members are creators based in Scotland who worked on the film without payment.

3. The film's budget is less than £10 000. 
4. Film was made in the last 3 years (between the 01-08-2020 and 01-08-2023).
5. The party submitting the film owns the copyright to every aspect of the film and does not infringe the copyright of any third party.
6. The party has provided all the required documentation and an online screener before the 1st of August 2022 (the official deadline for submission).

7. All films must have English subtitles, if selected. 





1. By completing the entry form and delivering the film, you have applied to enter the film into the ShortScape Film Festival.
2. ShortScape Film Festival is not a competition and your film is considered for selection only. No winners will be announced.
3. In the event that a filmmaker is under the age of eighteen, their attendance at any ShortScape Film Festival screening or online event must be accompanied by an adult.
4. The applicant has the sole and full right and authority to accept the terms and conditions and enter into this agreement.
5. The applicant has permission to reproduce and exploit all third-party materials contained in the film or upon which the film is based.
6. The producer is the sole and exclusive owner, or has permission from the sole and exclusive owner, of the copyright in the sound recordings comprising of the soundtrack of the film and the music and lyrics reproduced in those sound recordings.
7. All of the performers in the film have consented in writing to the use of their performances in the film.
8. The applicant has obtained from each contributor to the film a written release to use the results and proceeds of the contributor’s services and/or contributions to the film.
9. The applicant has obtained from each contributor authorisation for Shortscape Film Festival to use the contributor’s name and likeness in connection with any publicity for the event.
10. All details submitted in the entry form by the applicant are true and correct and the applicants indemnifies ShortScape Film Festival from and against any and all claims and demands made against ShortScape Film Festival, its assignees or licensees, in relation to the guarantees provided by the applicant.
11. No part of the film is, or will be, actionable for defamation or violate any right of privacy or publicity of any person, and the full use of the rights in the film will not violate any rights, including copyright or moral rights, of any person, firm, or corporation; and the film is not the subject of any litigation nor is it threatened by any claim or litigation.
12. ShortScape Film Festival may, in its sole discretion, disqualify a film from consideration if ShortScape Film Festival has reason to believe that a film does not, for any reason, comply with the Terms and Conditions.
13. The applicant agrees to indemnify ShortScape Film Festival and hold them harmless from any damages, liabilities, losses, costs, expenses, obligations or claims (including, without limitation, reasonable outside attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of the breach of applicant’s agreements, obligations, representations and warranties under this Agreement.

14. The applicant agrees for the ShortScape Film Festival to use any submitted supported materials (such as stills and short clips up to 3 minutes) for any future promotional purposes.



Find our programme announcement in the section below, or have a look at our 2023 brochure.  

ShortScape 2023 Programme Announcement

We are proud to announce the ShortScape Film Festival’s 2023 official selection. They have been carefully selected from over 100 films submitted this year to the festival. We want to thank all the filmmakers who shared their work with us as this year’s level of work was outstanding. We regret we are not able to show more work.

This selection is curated by our team of programmers: Monika Navickaite, Lucas Melian and Juno Glover. It reveals five strands that all share a fragment of what New Sparks mean to us. Please find the selection below and keep an eye out for more announcements.



A mind-bending selection of genre films.


100% MEAT FREE HUMAN FLESH, directed by Bartholomew "Skippy" Jälapeno

Longboard Nights, directed by Ben McMorran

Lost in the Supermarket, directed by Adam James Ryan

The Glade, directed by Arthur Johnson and Harvey Gardner

Gomorrah, directed by Aaron John McIntyre


Saltire Sparks

A kaleidoscope of documentary snapshots reflecting the brightness of the people that make Scotland.


maud., directed by Natasha Thembiso Ruwona

Dodge and Burn, directed by Lewis Raeburn

Fishball Revolution, directed by Dhillon Joseph Clarke

Passing Place, directed by Shanine Gallagher

Hagi, directed by Rod Penn

HARRIER, directed by Ciara Flint

My Own Island, directed by Samuel Dunér



Tales of crossroads and encounters.


Etwas Nutzlos (Somewhat Useless), directed by Eric J. Liddle

HANGNAIL, directed by Grace Connor

In The Clearing Stands a Boxer, directed by Charlie O'Brien

She Came To Stay, directed by Shirley Snow



The wheels of fortune, magic, and mystery.


Ginny Reaper, directed by Niamh McKeown

Moss Dragon, directed by Georgia Tato

WISP, directed by Ross Williamson

A Prayer in Spring, directed by Tianhui Wu

Waldeinsamkeit, directed by Silvana Roth

Ljunga, directed by Johanna Tove Sutherland


Nothing Typical About This

A variety of refreshing stories that celebrate diverse inner worlds.


Like Nobody’s Watching, directed by Jacob Gandy

And Ode to Chlomo, directed by Peer Francisco Theilen

BEAR, directed by Kate Hammer

My Cup of Tea, directed by Alicja Smykla

Whale Heart, directed by Philip Edge

Congratulations to all the selected filmmakers!



We are excited to receive your submissions for Shortscape 2023!



We are looking to showcase a variety of artwork at this years festival! Please get in touch!

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Get your ShortScape 2023 tickets HERE



INSTAGRAM: @shortscapefest
FACEBOOK: Shortscape Film Festival

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